About Us

Mystiq Garden, the direct to consumer brand, is an offshoot of Rural Ideas, which is owned by Craftcomm Farms Pvt. Limited. It is the dream venture of Vijay Yelmalle and Ajay Singh born out of a conscientious need to raise awareness about eating natural and healthy. Vijay has spent over a decade researching the art of hydroponics and aquaponics farming which could yield the most natural produce with optimum nutrients. Perfecting the art and getting nationwide recognition for his efforts, Vijay, along with Ajay, set up Mystiq Garden to bring the freshest and healthiest fruits and vegetables to a population whose health could be at stake with the artificially produced food they consume.

Vijay Suresh Yelmalle is a well known pioneer in aquaponics and hydroponics in this part of the world. His passion for healthy and safe food for everyone has driven him to work at the grass root levels. Leaving behind a successful 14 year old career in the chemical industry in Singapore, Vijay returned to India to bring alternate farming tech to Indian farmers. Armed with his immense knowledge in the field, he started training people on aquaponics and hydroponics farming. Besides helping traditional farmers, he also made urban farmers out of city dwellers.

With an MBA from University of Wales, England, under his belt, Vijay has the experience and knowledge to establish and run a successful organization. Vijay believes that natural and healthy food is a basic necessity and should be easily available to all. Determined, Vijay started Mystiq Garden to give wings to his vision of helping both farmers to produce and provide consumers access to the most nutrient rich, safe and heathy food.

Ajay Singh Bankawat ( BE, MBA-Mktg), has two decades of work experience in Sales and Marketing with big corporates such as HUL and The Times Group. For someone who used to spend almost every weekend amidst nature enjoying trekking, off-roading, camping and riding… turning to nature came as a natural progression.

He found his IKIGAI in Hydroponics and Aquaponics while on the quest for sustainable and pure food. He believes that when it comes to the main drivers…yesterday was Oil, today is Data and tomorrow will be access to pure & clean food and water

Welcome to Mystiq Garden

We grow a variety of fruits and vegetables in its expansive farm and is on its way to producing other grains and crops. However, Mystiq Garden does not intend to just sell. Its larger purpose is to make people aware of the benefits of eating chemical free food. It partners individual and organizations in their quest for healthy meals on their plate. Vijay Yelmalle also runs CRAFT, where he teaches city people to become urban farmers effortlessly while fulfilling their dreams of growing their own food.

Moving along with the times, Mystiq Garden uses technology to its benefit to monitor and grow crops that are more nutritious, more healthy, grow quickly and safely without having to use pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Mystiq Garden is supported by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) which is an autonomous body responsible for co-ordinating agricultural education and research in India. ICAR provides accreditation which serves as a badge of quality assurance.

Among the various verticals under its wings, ICAR incubated the Mystiq Garden venture under its Pusha Krishi arm.


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