Aquaponic Farming

Aquaponics takes advantage of our natural symbiotic ecosystem, the intricate relationship between aquatic life, plants and water. It is a natural technique of nurturing plants and aquatic animals in a symbiotic environment. Fish waste provides the required nutrients for plants to grow in a thriving network. It is a year-round indoor farming technology and can be undertaken anywhere to yield fresh home-grown food free of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers

Our Aquaponic farming facility is an oasis of the freshest greens and the little water bodies with lively fish swimming about, are a pure delight to watch. We welcome visitors to experience the joy of seeing our natural fresh produce while motivating them to live life the healthy way

Benefits of Aquaponic farming

  • Requires no fertilizers or chemicals to yield fresh & healthy home-grown genetically unmodified organic vegetables
  • Efficient & highly productive
  • Uses 90% less water for the same produce than traditional farming
  • Can be done (indoors or outdoors) without soil and is therefore insensitive to flooding, drought, soil nutrient problems, or soil-borne diseases
  • Cleaner form of gardening and easy to maintain
  • Ideal for local food production, urban farming, and food desert sites, since no farm land is required
  • It is weed-free, has low pest management, and requires no bending over and less physical effort


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