Become an Urban Farmer

The beauty of hydroponic farming is, besides the healthy, fresh and chemical free vegetables you yield, you can start farming yourself in the comfort of your city apartment. Using less water, less space, growing faster with high antioxidants, hydroponic farming is the urban farmer’s dream come true.

For the city folks, it is the need of the hour

With the markets filled with full of pesticides grown vegetables and fruits, there isn’t much choice of fresh, pure produce. With hydroponic farming, Mystiq Garden offers the chance to grow your vegetables, hasslefree, in your balcony or a little corner or wall of your home.

In the art of farming at their city homes, we use our expertise and experience to train and guide you through the process so you can enjoy healthy meals with your family. So, hop over and discover the pleasure of growing your own food and turning into an urban farmer


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