Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponics is an age-old technique where plants are nurtured without using soil in limited space with just water. The nutrients that plants typically derive from the soil are simply dissolved into the water. The plant’s roots are suspended in the nutrient-rich solution so that it can absorb whatever it needs for wholesome growth. It is a dynamic process with climate, weather, seasons all playing a crucial part in determining the amount of water, nutrients, and light, the plants require

Mystiq Garden uses Hydroponic farming to harvest produce which are extremely nutritious. They are fed with the optimal mix of nutrients, while some soil farmed crops may be deficient in certain nutrients. Moreover, local fruits and vegetables are fresh and of superior quality as they usually reach the consumer within hours of being picked.

Our Hydroponics farming also lends support to local farmers which ensures that there will be farms in the community for the future generation to eat nourishing and healthy local food.

Benefits of Hydroponic produce

  • Better taste, quality, appearance and uniformity
  • Extended shelf life
  • Farming requires 20 times less water and 20% less space
  • The system water can be reused, allowing conservation of water
  • No weeds, no cultivation, no soil borne diseases or insects. It allows for uniform water availability in plants
  • Higher yields in a shorter period of time. Grown in a controlled environment to allow harvest all year around
  • Biological controls, such as beneficial insects, are used to control pests


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