Lease a Farm

If you have a dream of having your own patch of green to grow vegetables and fruits, we will make your dream come true, without the expense of buying the land.

Your Dream Can Come True

In the urban world, where everything artificial has taken over and health has become a big concern, it's a dream to have a farm where you can grow your own healthy vegetables to counter the grim alternative of eating contaminated chemical infested food available in the market. It is a dream to eat pesticide free, fresh vegetables that will build our immunity, chase diseases away and allow us to lead a long healthy life.

Without the hassles of maintaining a farm or following up on paperwork for investments, now you can have a farmhouse to grow your own hydroponics and aquaponics vegetables.

You will enjoy

  • Spending weekends with your family surrounded by nature
  • Tending to your farm in complete security.
  • Let your children experience the joy of camping under a canopy of twinkling stars
  • The joy of eating farm fresh meals around a campfire.

Because of the huge quantity of produce harvested from your farm, after fulfilling your own needs, the extra produce can be sold to Mystiq Garden to earn you rich dividends.

With a farm of your own to retreat to if you so wish, your weekends are never going to be the same again.


Lease the land from us and start off. We will help you set up your farm with the vegetables you want to grow. We will guide you towards growing the healthiest fruits and vegetables hydroponically or aquaponically from planting to harvesting.

You can be on the farm tending and supervising everyday, or over weekends; or you can check on your farm through your phone without even visiting the farm. Monitor the vegetables, check on their growth, and finally enjoy the fruits of your own farm.

Enjoy your meals, knowing that you and your family are eating only the best, the purest of food.



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